Thanks for the support!

It has been an interesting experience to launch our first crowdfunding. We managed to raise almost $30.000 from people around the world. We have been overwhelmed by the encouraging comments left by people on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Indiegogo. We want to give thanks to everybody that backed the project and the people that helped spread the crowdfunding effort. Thank you for making this film possible!

Alex, Gonzalo, mackt

8 Responses to “Thanks for the support!”
  1. Ashton Harding says:

    Grats guys 😀
    Good luck! ^_^

  2. alle says:

    I really see forward to see the movie! Good luck with everything!

  3. Yev says:

    Keep the project going! :) Awaiting Great results. :)

  4. Chris says:

    Well Done! Cant wait to see the final product.

  5. Cillian (Alias Hoaxie) says:

    Well done guys, sorry you couldn’t reach the full 80,000.
    This will still make for a great movie though!

  6. Bryan says:

    Good luck in the United States, if you want to easily find hackers, try looking at DEFCON in Las Vegas, Nevada. The more elite (Black Hat) ones are hard to find.

  7. Anonymousboy says:

    When is it coming out?
    I can’t wait.

  8. 123 says:

    Are you going to FSCONS? There will be a lot of interesting people there and at least two of the tracks should be of interest to you.

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