We are working on the site… and the film!

We are at the moment working on the site and everything will soon be back to normal again and there will also be an update on the work with the film.  

Pirate Bay’s 10th birthday

File sharers from around the world gathered just outside Stockholm to celebrate the Pirate Bays ten year anniversary. We got some great interviews with the real people behind the filesharing story, the downloaders and seeders. We also got some time with the Swedish Pirate Partys EU parliamentarians that shared their view of the importance of […]

A short update from our visit in Brussels

We recently visited Brussels to get an insight how net culture turned in to party politics. Among others we meet Amelia Andersdotter and Mattias Bjärnemalm from the Swedish Pirate Party. They showed us how the European Parliament works. We visited and filmed some panel discussions on potential new ‘ACTAs’ and the discussions around copyright. Cristian […]

Short promo video