RåFILM – I wouldn’t steal

Whenever you rent a movie the multinational media industry forces you to watch their propaganda. They claim that downloading movies is the same as snatching bags, stealing cars or shoplifting. That’s simply not true – making a copy is fundamentally different from stealing. “I wouldn’t steal” was a film made by RåFILM to question the […]

Gonzalo Peña Rojas

Gonzalo Peña Rojas is a Swedish journalist and filmmaker. He has worked for Swedish newspapers and magazines as a reporter and foreign correspondent in Brazil. He now works for the Swedish documentary film collective RåFILM that has its headquarters in Malmö. Twitter: GonzaloGPR  

Alex Veitch (RåFILM)

Alex Veitch has his background within the production company Glowfish that produced music videos and the Internet gallery Statementblues, a collective name for art with social or political aims and a critical themes. During several years he worked with an organization for a peoples education center in South Africa. Alex is a co-founder of RåFILM […]