Hacker space turned in to space station

Calmly the river runs by a group of people preparing a BBQ. Its one of the last summer days and people seem to make the best of it. We are at the hacker space – no reconstruction place of a space station – C-base in Berlin. E-punk meets us at the front door and takes […]

Chilean hackergroup Chimbalab rebuilds after earthquake

In 2010 a Chilean hackerspace was destroyed by a huge earthquake that hit the country. The quake was actually the sixth largest ever to be recorded by a seismograph and devastated large parts of the country. But the hackers Constanza Piña and Claudia González at Chimbalab did not give up. Their hacking was temporarily moved […]

NYC Resistor – a hackerspace in Brooklyn, New York

NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn, New York. The hackerspace houses on 3rd Avenue in Boerum Hill upstairs from Makerbot. A drink mixing robot has become a permanent fixture at the location and a USB dead drop was installed in the brick work of the new building […]